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    Thursday, July 17, 2008

    Dove on Its Soapbox: "Every Girl Deserves to Feel Beautiful Just the Way She is..."


    last week, we all were feeling the anticipation of this month's vogue italia. your very own die-hard fashionista zandile blay reported on our sister site The Blay Report, that she spent her last bucks on the special issue because it was a true fashion statement, sending a clear message that "black is beautiful."

    we're willing to spend our last dime on this message and other messages that tackle unrealistic beauty standards that we are feed daily by media especially the negative images young girls are bombarded with everywhere so after watching

    the Dove Onslaught video on Youtube last year for a class discussion, besides its Skin Vitalizer and body soap i can't live without (sorry i just love them that much!), I fell in love with Dove because of its mission to teach young girls fight promote healthy body images

    "Under Pressure" (check the video on the right) is Dove's new video to reach beyond the 2 million girls it has reached since 2006 to 5 million globally by 2010 through its educational self-esteem workshops, videos, and commercials and Dove Self-Esteem Fund...

    Dove is more than a brand or soap... when i go back to the store to buy new Dove exfoliating pads for my Skinvitalizer, i know i am supporting a strong message

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